Free website

What is website?

An online site is a place where your visitors can see what you present without direct contact at any time of the day or night.

What are the benefits of this site versus hiring someone to do it for you?
  • Huge savings. The creation of even a website that contains one page is a minimum of 150 euros, and here you get it literally for free.
  • There is no misunderstanding because you choose how your site will look.
  • You set the deadlines yourself and have full control over the entire site.
  • The possibility of a site in multiple languages.
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Contact form
  • Unlimited pages
  • Help with website design and website development
What kind of site do I get when I buy hosting?

Each thumbnail is a link to a sample site like the one you get. Choose the one you like the most and upon activation send us the link of examples you want and we will set up just such a site where you only have to change the text and images.

On each of the sites, you can change literally everything without restrictions.

What is not included in the site?

We set up the site so that you have an active Email, SEO optimization.
We have also created a help video on how to modify any page, i.e. upgrade it. Any upgrade, modification, alteration or refinishing is not eligible for this promotion. For any changes, you can look at the videos we have prepared or look for free instructions on the Internet. You can also contact us.

What do you get with each site?
  • Ready site
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Contact form
  • Email with your domain
  • Unlimited support
  • The possibilities for changes to the site are literally unlimited

You only need to order the Standard package for one year and that's it.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to setup one of these examples on an existing site?
Unfortunately, that is not possible. Your site contains different setups and that is a lot of changes. If you need new look for your website then you need redisign or you can get this free website and input again content on the website. 
When can I start working?
- After activating the hosting account you bought from us, send us the example you want and you can start working on the same day.
Are there additional payments besides hosting?
- No. The only condition is the purchase of a hosting package. 
I have no experience, will I manage?
- This kind of offer is made just for those who have no experience and everything is adapted to them. In addition to the instructions, there is also support to guide you in how you can adapt the site to your needs. If you are familiar with Word, then you will also be familiar with this.

How is it worth giving a free website when the smallest one costs 150 euros each?
- The same as any other campaign to raise awareness of our brand and our business, in order to provide others with the opportunity to convince themselves of the quality of our services and thereby expand the circle of our clients.
What is the difference between premium and non-premium sites?
- When creating your site, we use paid premium licenses and in that case it is possible to use the site only while it is on our hosting, while you can transfer the non-premium ones to wherever you want after the end of the hosting.
- Some premium examples also include unlimited elementor add-on and astra pro. They are two premium plugins and the license for that is $600.

Can I pay you so i do not need to do anything?
- Such an option is also possible. The price would depend on your requirements. But if you have time, think again. Editing this site is not just building a site but also learning how to maintain it and learn how it actually works for any future changes. 

How are changes made on the site?

All sites are designed so that a person without experience can edit them with a few clicks. The only thing you need to arrange is a computer. Here are some videos from our YouTube channel of how and what is being changed.